Time-out #1


I’m taking a time-out from sharing my story to pause and show my gratitude for the blogging community. 

Talking about myself is exhausting. I started this blog because the compulsion to share my story is strong, and even though it takes a lot out of me to relive my experiences, it’s important to me to help someone who might be going through something similar.

So I’m here, soldiering on, taking it one day at a time. And today I’m taking a break from my story to share what’s on my mind now: community.

I started this blog because writing is therapeutic. What I wasn’t seeking, and have come to appreciate, is the community of supportive, like-minded folks. I want to give a special shout-out to two bloggers whose stories have lifted me up and reminded me that healing takes time and it’s OK to lean on others, even strangers.

Gritty Momma

From parenting to emotional health, the Gritty Momma describes her every day life with compassion and finds higher purpose in the mundane (a true gift). Her writing is genuine and full of gratitude, even amid the sad bits, and that has made me a loyal reader for life.

Awakening Wildflower

Amy is a mom to a beautiful boy named Julian. She’s also mom to five babies heartbreakingly lost to miscarriage. This woman is a well of strength whom I admire beyond words. She writes about the beauty she sees in the world in perceptive detail.

Because community is about sharing, I created a new page, “Morphine.” It’s a resource list highlighting books, blogs and podcasts that either taught me something about waiting for babies, or made me laugh. Both are equally important when life pitches a curveball you didn’t expect (or want).

Please share your favorites in the comments.